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The following terms and conditions are entered into between the person declared in the "member information" field (hereinafter referred to as "member").

Member of this agreementından it has been concluded in order to make use of the services to be offered and it determines the rights and obligations of the parties.

The following terms are used in the meaning that they are defined under this agreement.

Member:ş by accepting this agreement, the application for membership has been accepted and the application has been accepted. the person who will benefit from the products and/ or services to be offered via the <url>,

E-mail address:electronic mail address which is declared by the member and which is defined to the member account, which is responsible for its usage, content and confidentiality, which is defined during the establishment of the member and which can not be changed afterwards.

Password:the member's e-mail address together with the member's use and which is not recognized by system, services offered transportation is mandatory; the use and security of any and all liability arising from the member determined by the Member for under 6 to 16 digits of alphanumeric phrase,

Member Account: members this agreement is governed by the laws of the state of California without regard to its conflict of laws provisions.,

Product/service:ından operatedüzerinden goods, services offered for sale for the purpose of sale,

Product/service price:üzerinden sales price of the product or service offered to the members,

User:regardless of whether he or she is a member / the actual person whose address is allowed to be processed in these areas, who can visit public areas,

Credit card/Debit Card:Members card number issued by authorized institutions and providing the possibility of receiving goods and services or withdrawing cash without the need for cash use, which is valid in accordance with the relevant legislation and does not have the physical presence of printed card or card,

Service channels:selection exclusively mobile telecommunication applications, Java, SMS, WAP, ITV (interactive TV), IVR (voice response systems), customer service, kiosk and internet ( infrastructure platform and similar,

Gift Points: exclusive rights, allocation and terms of use in the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the terms of this agreement, the parties agree that the provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.,

Order confirmation:üzerinden members for confirmation of their orderünyesinde notification sent to the registered e-mail address and/or SMS and cell phone number, details of the order,

My Account menu:üzerinden accessed membersünyesindeki personal area where they can track the processes they perform and the stages of the orders and other permitted transactions,

SMS: short message service,

Customer Services: Information and counseling services for the members to communicate orally or in writing / 'is the relevant section. The term "singularities" means the plurality of the definitions contained in this convention, including the singularities of the singularities of the singularities of the singularities of the singularities.

4.1 Membership Applicationüyeliği the membership form can be initialized by filling in the appropriate form. By clicking on the relevant acceptance noticeüyelik any person applying for membership shall declare, accept and undertake that he / she has read and accepted all the provisions of this agreement, that he / she has the necessary conditions for membership and that he / she will be binding on him / her in accordance with the will of this Agreement and law.özel is a club <url> reserves the right not to accept the membership application made by the person who wants to benefit from the services in this agreement.

4.1.2 the applicant declares, accepts and undertakes that the information given during membership application is accurate and complies with the law. Membership may be cancelled if it is determined that the information given is against the law and the truth. In this case, the memberüzerinden any product, service, expense, compensation, etc. under any name due to any action it has taken. he won't demand it, so’s responsibility cannot be taken, accept and undertakes. / ’s, if any, paid fees, the right to withdraw the delivered product is reserved.

4.1.3 membership, be started at any of the service channels, provided that at the initiative. A member who wishes to enter into a contractual relationship by applying for membership accepts and undertakes that electronic communication tools will be used for this purpose and that the legal relationship to be established with this regard will bear the provisions and the results of the wet signature which will be laid down by hand, and that a wet signature will not

4.1.4 the member is obliged to enter the required information into the membership application form correctly and completely. After the application is completedından other information that may be requested or customer is obliged to complete it by applying for the services.

4.1.5 the member declares, accepts and undertakes that he has read and accepted the terms of the contract carefully, that he is able to keep a copy of the membership contract if he wishes, that he can access the changes or additions that may be made from time to time, data transfers and terms of service. Changes or additions to the terms of the contract the first entry is presented to the member's knowledge. Membership of a member who does not click on the “accept” option offered to him may be terminated without compensation or any other obligation. The member accepts and undertakes that the membership conditions will be fulfilled at all times as long as the contract is concluded.

4.2 Beginning Of Membershipından by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of the user whose membership has been initiated, the confirmation notification is sent to the user when the membership has started. Member, with the initiation of membership acceptance will be able to take advantage of it.

4.3 Using The Member Account
4.3.1 each member may have only one member account. Member account can only be used for the purpose of benefiting from the services defined in this agreement. Member,ından the services offered and/or the member account is in no way contrary to the law and general morality, disturbing others or sell the service to others and/or commercial or income to obtain purposes and/or other than the purpose of this agreement.

4.3.2 the member who acts contrary to the provision and/or has determined that he has more than one membership has the right to terminate the membership or membership immediately without any notification. 1. in the case of a member not having attained the age specified in pursuance of Article 2 of this convention or the member specifies that Article 3 of this convention applies to employment in maritime fishing, this shall ipso jure involve the immediate denunciation of that convention,ından it can be suspended or cancelled immediately.

4.4 E-mail address and password
4.4.1, the details of the membership, after the acceptance of the membership application, the member sends to the e-mail address reported by the member. Member,ından if any communication sent to registered contact addresses does not reach him for technical reasons’s not any responsibility of the statement, acceptance and commitment.

4.4.2 the member is responsible for protecting the e-mail address and password used by the member and for any responsibility for the use of the member. The member declares, accepts and undertakes that the transactions and orders to be made after entering the system with his / her e-mail address and password will be binding for him / her.

4.4.3 due to the use of the member's e-mail address and/or password by third parties if any provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect. he/she has the right to indemnify and/or recourse to the member to pay his / her losses. we reserve the right to cancel, terminate or suspend any of the memberships that we suspect or have found to have been used by third parties in addition to the applications.

4.4.4 the member has the right to change his / her password at any time. Member, required processes for password change he can do it from the relevant department. If the member forgets his / her password, call the customer services or can retrieve the password by following the directions at.

4.4. a reported e-mail address cannot be changed,; changes to the system, security reasons and/or for any reason, the member can request to change the e-mail address as well as change the password. The member undertakes to comply with the requests for changing his / her e-mail address. In case of any change the member shall notify the member via SMS or e-mail. Memberından it accepts, declares and undertakes to comply with the changes notified to it.

4.5 Personal Information Belonging To The Member
4.5.1 personal information may be requested from the member during the beginning and continuation of membership. Member's first name, surname, T.C. the identity number, date of birth and information received for the security of the member can not be changed by the member. In addition, the personal information of the member can be changed by the member; in order to do so, the member is obliged to pass the security check to be performed without any problems and to verify the identity information.

4.5.2 member; and the disclosure of personal data (first name, address, age, e-mail address, ID number, contact number, etc.) in this agreement is subject to this agreement.) orders and member transactions,ından it accepts, declares and undertakes that it will be used in statistical reporting system or in advertising and marketing (survey and/or promotion) fields and in order to determine the general trends of its users. the member agrees, declares and undertakes that the member will use the information without causing damage to his / her personal rights and that if he / she shares it with someone else, the third party will ensure that he / she behaves in accordance with these principles.

4.5.3 member, in the event that the e-mail, fax and e-mail addresses contain personal data, the confidentiality and security of such data is entirely responsible.ıda in the context of the defined conditions, there is no liability, the records of the correspondence and telephone calls made with the customer service.ından he accepts that he knows that he can be kept and that he consents to the storage of these records.

4.4.4 the member agrees to the terms of this Agreement and agrees to the terms of this agreement regarding all personal information and transactions he / she makes during the use of it. the competent authorities acknowledge and undertake that they have the right to enquiry and that, if requested, they shall provide the necessary information in detail.

4.6 Termination Of Membership
4.6.1 if the member suspects and/or detects that the member account is being used by third parties, the member's account may be closed and/or the business contract will be terminated without any warning.ından it can be revoked. In these cases, the member is not entitled to compensation or any similar claim.

4.6., if deemed necessary, the membership may terminate without any reason. The member accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not claim any compensation for the termination of his / her membership, regardless of any loss or damage and / or name. Expired membership information in the time zone to determine he keeps hiding on the floor.

4.6.3 the member may unilaterally close his / her member account at any time. Member, upon completion of membership, the member may terminate his membership from the relevant page. In addition, the member's written request for termination of membershipüşteri the member may request termination of his / her account by transmitting to his / her services. Membership, member's request for this direction / transactions related to termination of membership after forwarding toından it ends when it completes.üyeliği he has the right to ask for the reason of termination. The member may start his / her terminated membership again by contacting customer services. In this case, the membership initiated is treated as a new membership, independent of the previous membership.

4.6.4 in the closure of the member account; the company accepts, declares and undertakes that it has no rights and/or receivables from the company, and that it cannot claim any compensation or similar claims relating to this situation.

5.1 member,üzerinden for the offered product/service, the price specific to that product/service may be requested to purchase in accordance with the terms. <url> reserves the right to make changes in the quality or quantity of the products or services it offers on the website. The visuals on the website may differ from the facts. This difference can also occur in packaging, size and other procedures throughout the region or country. order for product/serviceüzerinden will be given in accordance with the instructions made. If the order is confirmed, the e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the member, and the e-mail will be sent to the mobile phone by SMS. In this statement, the order number will be submitted to the member's information.

5.2 service presentations the provider is in the location of the media where the promotional and booking codes are provided. In this respect, the responsibility of the service in question we collect, publish, and provide information to members of the campaigns and are limited to the collection of fees. the delivery of com/service, the provider does not have the title of “provider” in accordance with the law No. 4077, nor does it have any responsibility for service under the same legislation.

5.3 the member, the product/service price ordered and the conditions in the introduction of the cargo expenses and ' a reported credit card / debit card will be collected, if deemed appropriate, the refund of the price will be made in the same way used in the card number is committed and agrees’

5.4 the member is solely responsible for his / her transactions through the member account. The member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the member from any and all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees. the member is responsible for all kinds of damages, losses and liabilities suffered by the member. Member, in case of improper operation <url> has no legal responsibility.

5.5 the member is not responsible for the incorrect operation of the member, at his own discretion, although it is not his responsibility. in the event that you notify customer services or cancel, you may return the relevant Member Account/accounts before the erroneous transfer reported by the member.

5.6 the member accepts and undertakes that he/she will not claim rights under any name due to unforeseen system crashes, errors and deficiencies caused by hardware or software, due to the interruption of the service and / or failure to continue from where he / she has left off.öyle in the event of a situation, he shall take all necessary measures with due care for the elimination of the defect as soon as possible.

5.7 you may change, cancel, or add new ones to the services at or through this address at any time., the offered product or service is the season product or service does not make a commitment.

5.8 membership is free, the price of the connection to the service channels (internet, television, mobile phone (membership, Wap/internet connection, the fee to be sent to the member or sent to the member etc.).), etc. membership and/or extra usage fees) is the responsibility of the member.

5.9 transactions through SMS channel are subject to charges and may be charged according to the type of transaction. we reserve the right to change prices for all services offered via SMS channel. Member, due to price change / accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not claim compensation for any damage and loss suffered. SMS fee will be reflected to the related operator invoice on the invoice lines and prepaid lines will be deducted from the credit. Changes in operators ' tariffs it's not.

5.10, the customer is free to receive the service fee per call in transactions to be made from the services. In case of charge reserves the right to change the usage fee of the related service. In case of change of this fee undertakes to share the information with the member.

6.1 acceptance of this agreement the terms of use of all relevant areas of the address shall be accepted.

6.2 member, campaign and promotionsından it accepts, declares and undertakes that it can benefit within the framework of the specified usage/benefit conditions. / ’s, campaign and promotion practices and general conditions of use at any time unilaterally reserves the right to make changes.

6.3. The member assumes the responsibility of using the advantages such as the discount, gift voucher, which he / she has gained during the membership in any way and the period of the membership in any case until the date of termination of the membership for any reason. In this case, the member will not be entitled to any claim. Earned benefits can not be exchanged in cash in any way.

6.4, campaigns and promotions, or general practices of ordering and behavior analysis, taking into account the members to offer different offers, implemented commitment programs to determine the time to perform these analysis and / or changes are entitled to. All these applications valid within the time limit set by/.

7.1 Members in order for you to benefit from the services it offers 3. They may need to register and use software programs provided by people. In this case, 3. If there is any conflict between the terms of use of the software programs provided by the parties and the terms of this agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.

7.2 scope of services offered to the member in accordance with this agreementından at any time and unilaterally expandable or collapsible, or the services may be stopped. the right to make changes in the articles contained in this agreement is reserved. Therefore, the member agrees that the scope of the service offered to him by this contract is not a commitment and may change.

7.3 all written, illustrated, sound, graphic and/or non-all materials contained at <url> are reserved for all use. Member,ından any kind of visual and audio material related to the services and products offered to them and their presentations in any way <url> will not use and/or use these materials without written permission, will not use these materials in personal and Public Media, will not publish and/or do not have the right to sell them. Member,ından copyright of software used for the service in no event shall <url> be liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of or reliance on any such content or as a result of any use of such content or as a result of the use of such content. use of these materials without the knowledge of the member, if he/she makes a quotation, will result in damages / has no responsibility. In this case, the right to recourse to the member and to take legal action is reserved.

7.4 the work is arranged in this Agreement and / all regulations governing the irresponsibility of it shall be valid in cases where there is no serious defect or deception. <url> reserves the right to rescind and apply legal remedies with all its members in respect of the subject matter of the member's responsibility within the scope of this agreement.

7.5 the members are obliged to comply with the rules and conditions of this contract because they do not comply with both legislation and the rights arising from this contract has not used any this does not mean that <url> waives these rights.

8.1 since this membership relationship is formed in a virtual environment, membership application request is made and application is made.ından the agreement shall enter into force upon its acceptance. Contract date, application for membership applicationından date of adoption.

8.2 the member shall not transfer or assign the rights and obligations arising from this contract to third parties in any way.

8.3 member, regarding the application for membershipından in any dispute between the parties, (B) the use of any of the following, including, but not limited to, the use of any of the following, the use of any of the following:M. M.K 193. it is a contract of evidence within the scope of Article, he / she declares and accepts that he / she has made Ber from the oath offer.

8.4 the parties acknowledge and agree that the law of the Republic of Turkey will be applied in the settlement of disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this Agreement, and that the competent judicial authority is the Ankara Central Court and execution offices.

8.5 unless the member declares otherwise in writing, he / she accepts and declares that his / her address in the field of “member information” is the legal notice address and that the written notices to be made to this address will bear all legal consequences of the legal notice. otherwise unless otherwise stated, We acknowledge and agree that the address specified in this agreement is the legal notice address and that any written notices to this address will bear all legal consequences of the legal notice.

This convention is composed of 8 (eight) articles. The person who wants to become a member accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read the entire contract, unconditionally accepts and approves all the articles in the content.

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