Hello Welcome To Vintage Rug 

Hello Welcome To My Shop,

I'm Mustafa . I've been in this for 40  years. I'm very happy with this job. I present the carpets that are about to disappear and are not woven much anymore by cutting-washing-cleaning-drying-maintenance operations to you special web community.I've been doing this since 1988. My interest in this business goes back to my childhood years. My mother weaving carpets at home and my father selling it made me connect. I love to bring this art from my father to the people .

Please feel free to ask questions about the Turkish art carpet, which is very special and world famous.

We're not just here to sell the product, we're here to build friendships.
I would like to share my thoughts with the Dear Etsy community and bring you a hand carpet.

Thank you for reading my story,
Warm regards,