Security Policy

According to our company's security policy, it uses the most advanced security systems to ensure that our customers can shop safely. With 128-bit SSL in our system, your credit card information is protected from the eyes and interference of third parties. All information exchange is under SSL guarantee and all data flow is done in encrypted form. This is a code that is practically impossible to break. With the SSL security protocol, your credit card information you provide to our site is encrypted and sent to the bank.

Our website does not store any customer's credit card information in the system. For this reason, for your own credit card security, you will need to re-enter your card information in each order process.

Warranty Terms

All products sold from our site are under the guarantee of manufacturers / importers. You may return the purchased product within seven (7) days of the date of delivery without destroying, using or disrupting the resellability of the product. However, when delivering the product, the invoice, return form, product box, packaging, if any, complete and undamaged delivery of the product is required together with the accessories. If any of these rules are missing, the refund is not accepted. If the product is returned in accordance with the return conditions, the product amount will be returned. It takes 1-3 weeks according to the bank you are working on to reflect the refund on your account. Payments made by transfer are reflected to the account within a week at the latest.

Before sending the product, select the "return form" from the "topics" section under "contact"on our website and provide us with your reason. After that, the product return form will be sent to your e-mail address. You must fill out this form and send it to us. This form will be examined by the technical service department and approved by you. After receiving this approval, return the product.

Send the products to the Technical Service Department immediately after receiving the approval.Counter-payment shipments to be made with cargo companies are not accepted, the cargo fee for such shipments belongs to the sender.

Return Terms

Attention: always tell your order number in any communication regarding your order. Products sold are not refunded except for the following conditions:

1. If the product sold is faulty (*) ,

2. The damage will be compensated by us if the shipment will be damaged during the transportation that will arise from the cargo company and this damage will be detected and the product will not be delivered by the buyer.

(*) For acceptance of your request for product-related issues (such as problems that cannot be detected during delivery) ;

a) if the invoice has been issued on your behalf and you are not a taxpayer, the invoice and shipment issued to you must be accompanied by the invoice and shipment associated with the product(s)to be returned, if you are a taxpayer or if you have set up your order invoice to your company.

B) the return must have been initiated within two days of the date of delivery.

C) returned products must be returned with the company used for delivery.

D) after evaluation of the reasons for return, if appropriate to the conditions listed above, problematic products will be replaced with new ones. In such a case, we are responsible for all costs of the return and resettlement phases. If the return of the product is not in accordance with the above conditions, all costs in the refund process will be borne by the customer in person.

(**) In the problems caused by the delivery company, the damaged packages should be delivered to the delivery company by not taking the minutes. If the delivery company official thinks that the package is not damaged, you have the right to open the package and check that the products are delivered undamaged and ask for a record of the situation. However, after the package has been delivered by you, it is deemed accepted that the delivery company has done its duty properly. If the package has not been accepted and the minutes have been kept, the situation must be notified as soon as possible, along with the copy of the minutes you have left. We will provide a new and healthy delivery as soon as possible.

Delivery Conditions

The products you order will be supplied within 4 working days from the date of approval and will be delivered to the cargo.

Consumer Rights

You must be a member of our site to shop. Membership to our site is not charged. No sale is made to persons who are not members of the site.

Our company, amended by law No. 4822,4077 on consumer protection law provisions will act in accordance with the agreed in advance and taahütürmektedir.

Order Cancellation

To cancel your order, you can contact your customer representative and perform the cancellation. As a result of cancellation, the refund will be made within 3 (three) working days following the cancellation request.